The basilica is a special honorable title teeth in Vietnam

The basilica is a special honorable title teeth in Vietnam, implant placement immediately is ideal for full dental restorations implantation after tooth extraction from 4 to 8 weeks. This is often referred to as implant transplantation. This is the time when the gums are healed after extraction. In this case, improved keratinized tissues from 3mm to 5mm will allow for easier suturing of the wound, avoiding high risk of infection. Implantation in this second period will be less profitable than the 1st period. However, during healing from 4 weeks to 8 weeks, the jaw bone may be slightly drooping on the outside, but the tooth width and Crest does not improve bone. Implantation after tooth extraction from 12 to 16 weeks This is the time when the gums have been thoroughly healed and the bones are only partially healed, this stage is considered to improve the stability of the implant in the future, and can be optimal without bone graft.

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The hardest is that the child does not cooperate, or when he has to go to the dentist to have a father to accompany him to hold the baby on the dental chair, while the mother is sitting underneath and keep the task of comfort and encouragement. <strong><em><a href=””>vietnam dentist prices</a></em></strong>

“From a young age, Tuan has a habit of eating snack, so about 2 years old, the baby teeth are worn out gradually. When the baby is 3 years old, the family is anxious to bring their child to a private clinic near the house to visit. But the treatment for a year does not improve her dental situation, the family forced to take her to the Central Dental Hospital to treat the end point ”

<strong>Pay attention to hygiene, avoid prolonged meal</strong>

According to the dentist, when the tooth decay to the pulp, the child will swelling, pain and fever, affecting the health as well as the activities of children. Regimen treatment for children at this time is very complex, parents are struggling due to many times follow the child to treat the results cannot be as good as when the new teeth are deep.

Therefore, in order to prevent children from tooth decay and other unfortunate complications, parents need to pay attention to dental hygiene for children. Also, do not extend the meal for up to 45 minutes, even as many parents do as they will increase the risk of tooth decay.

In addition, parents need to feed children, drink enough calcium, rich in calcium, phosphorus … When children grow milk teeth and especially the first molar teeth, in addition to brushing still need to maintain hygiene with gauze sterile for children. <strong><em><a href=””>Saigon Vietnam dental implants</a></em></strong>

“In particular, when children have molar teeth, the more attention should be paid attention to the oral hygiene, the tooth surface has many grooves are very easy to cause tooth decay in children, parents should also avoid children with sweets, sugar. It is recommended to take the child to the clinic every 3 – 6 months in specialized medical facilities to timely detect, treat and avoid the unfortunate complications for children “

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