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 risk of being pedophile, causing many consequences teeth in Vietnam

risk of being pedophile, causing many consequences teeth in Vietnam , called the flap around the crown. This phenomenon is natural and usually does not cause problems. The swelling in the back may make it hard to open your mouth. Maybe you have to drink with a straw for a few days. It is likely you will find it difficult to swallow. Your dentist may prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication for you to drink for a few days. Lower jaw teeth near the almond can swell, making you feel like a cold or sore throat. Whitening teeth in 2 minutes with lemon and baking soda. Baking soda or salt is easy to find in your home kitchen. Salts help remove stains on the teeth, while reducing acid levels in the mouth. Use suitable mouthwash It is best to use non-alcoholic, non-artificial mouthwash to rinse your teeth after brushing.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho What you should know and disadvantages of porcelain teeth

Therefore, I-DENT Dental will send you useful information on this topic, hope to help you troubleshoot the questions you are having.

Benefits of porcelain crowns Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Remedies for radical decay: If in the past to cure tooth decay, people often think of methods of welding / filling fillings, nowadays, coated teeth when porcelain teeth are considered as a solution to overcome the situation. Tooth decay, prevention of recurrence, preservation of dental tissue and also ensure the aesthetics of your teeth.

Overcome the case of broken teeth, chewing gum, tarnished teeth, Tetracelin infection, irregular teeth, … both the aesthetics and the function of chewing and restoring normal teeth.

Can be done in a very fast time, bring a beautiful white teeth naturally.

The porcelain teeth are quite durable. All you need to clean your teeth carefully, avoid biting or chewing too hard objects will not occur any problems.

The left side of the porcelain crown

Besides the benefits, porcelain crowns also have a few left:

– When the porcelain coated food to feel, the drink will not be the same anymore.

– The porcelain teeth are easy to break when eating solid foods or being hit. vietnam dentist prices

When making dental porcelain, in rare cases, your tooth pulp may be affected to make teeth sensitive, sensitive or painful, depending on the anatomy of the teeth, The skill of the doctor and the technology of dental implant. However, according to many people who have made porcelain crowns, this method does not hurt as they imagine.

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