You say that is insulting me and this way teeth in Vietnam

You say that is insulting me and this way teeth in Vietnam , dentures are attached to the jaw with metal hooks, put into real teeth and gums cling to the gums to keep teeth from falling off when eating, removable teeth have 3 chewing gum made of hard plastic, so it is easy to crack, break when bumping, or fall off, splashed, rough at the same time, thick, uncomfortable when wearing dentures. About 1 month due to unfamiliarity, entanglement of the only benefit of this type is the cheapest price, only one tooth from the factory if the word only depends on the difficulty, complexity and fake hook entirely of plastic, so very durable, No cracks, cracks when impacted and gums are very thin, light, not as thick as plastic, hard to wear and class.

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When Should You Wear Protectors? vietnam dentist prices

Tooth decay: tooth enamel, tooth enamel when not being nourished will be crispy, easy to deep, crack, so need to cover porcelain teeth to form a strong protective layer from the outside.

Multiple deformities, large debris: Full crowns cannot be restored by filling or inlay / onlay.

Small teeth: In cases where the teeth are small but do not want to spend a lot of time to braces – orthodontic, porcelain crowns are considered as the optimal solution.

Colored teeth: often indicated when the teeth are infected with heavy antibiotics, cannot be bleached by conventional methods. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Dental Implant: After implant placement, abutment latch, need to coated porcelain surface to replace implant cylinder can be used as natural teeth.

In case of need to cover porcelain teeth as above is quite common, if according to the requirements of the dentist, there are about 40-50% of cases must be coated porcelain teeth to preserve the real structure of teeth. . Are porcelain crowns good? Why do dentists recommend porcelain crowns to “protect” real teeth?

Is there a good porcelain crown? cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

The color of the porcelain teeth can be adjusted, the durability, hardness is not too different, the time of rapid implementation should be preferred by many customers when the tooth aesthetic defects.

+ Chewing function: With a hardness of up to 670 MPa zirconia porcelain, even harder than natural teeth, quality porcelain crowns will help bring chewing feeling easily, Improves the function at the tooth is damaged, the tooth aches due to deep, damaged marrow. When the teeth are coated, the porcelain will become durable, firmly protected by the “coat” porcelain from the outside.

There are a few cases of ceramic porcelain that are different in color compared to natural teeth. The main reason is the durability of the material, while natural teeth are more exposed to colorant substances. fresh water, …) cause yellow, dull dental porcelain retains the original color. From there, the customers feel the teeth of different colors. In this case it is possible to treat the natural teeth by means of teeth whitening. cấy răng implant

Broken, cracked: When customers chew things too hard, due to excessive force chewing will lead to injury, cracked porcelain covered. In the case of porcelain teeth broken immediately after the porcelain teeth, this is the fault of the engineering department, but this case is very rare.